Monday, August 25, 2014

Reconte Moi Une Histoire

I don't speak french as well as I used to back when I was required to take the class in elementary school. However, I do know how to use google translate like a wizard. Reconte Moi Une Histoire means Tell Me A Story.
A while back I wrote a post called Frogs, Solos and Silver Ratings. In it, I mentioned this project. It's been a really long time but the opening and ending title sequences took forever for the guy I asked to help me with it. Apparently it was more work than I anticipated plus he had computer problems.

The project is a stop motion animation to a song by M83 (one of my all time favourite bands in case you didn't know). In it, a little girl tells a story about a magical frog and I had that story come to life.
The preproduction took way more time than I had planned and we finished filming late into the night (or should I say early into the morning?) making it the most tiring shoot I've ever done. That being said, it was totally worth it! :)

So without further ado, I present to you Reconte Moi Une Histoire ^_^

Working on this video, I was hit hard in the face with the feeling of being over ambitious. Considering the timing of when I decided to take it on paired with the courses I was enrolled in that semester and of course the ever-daunting procrastination, there was no doubt I felt stressed.

When I was younger, being overambitious wasn't a term in my guide to live life. Probably because I didn't have much standing in my way. Now though, I have to schedule myself and prioritize things that are important or required above things I 'want' to do.
This summer, my schedule has been pretty relaxed and I've gotten a ton of writing, filmmaking and photography done. Now that school is just around the corner though, I've got to push my hobbies aside to make room for studying and homework.

More projects like this will still come around though and I'm not about to slack off on my writing because one: I enjoy them and will do a lot to make sure I can keep enjoying them, and two: if I don't express myself creatively, I'll go insane ^ ^

Thanks to everyone who made Reconte Moi Une Histoire possible. You're all superheroes for your efforts :)