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The Tholus Trilogy

Genre: Science Fiction/Mythos 

Book 1: The Living City

Story Status: Editing First Draft, Writing Second Draft
Word Count: 95, 310

Description: Kimerly Hayes suspects the worst while boarding a plane that crosses the Bermuda Triangle. There's hundreds or horrific stories and conspires and she's heard them all. But none of them mentioned a surviving civilization filled with superhuman freaks who can lift things with their mind. 

There's no such thing as superpowers...right? 
Protected by an invisible barrier known as The Dome, Kim can't help but feel that the city isn't her saviour from drowning but rather the coffin in which she'll die in. Escaping is all she can think about–but can she do it? The secrets the dome holds may prove to be a lot deadlier than she once expected; and even with her new found ability and allies, getting home looks impossible.

One of my characters, Issac, using his ability.
The Dome started off as a contest entry. We were given a photo for every chapter and had one week to write 2,000 words or more. It was incredibly difficult and it kept me focused on one project and increasing it's word count. The contest only went for ten weeks and by the end, I had 25K words and a story that I had fallen in love with. 
Once the contest ended, I wasn't sure I wanted to give it up. I mean, the story wasn't even half finished! I was just getting to the rising action and I wasn't about to ditch all my new precious characters! So I decided that I would label it as an 'escape novel'. These are novels that I use to 'escape' the stress of writing any of my other serious projects. It turned into a 'just for fun' story. 

That was a short-lived idea, especially after I started character chatting in the world of The Dome. (If you don't know what character chatting is, click here. One of my friends has a writing blog and wrote a post on it) After putting the story to the side for so long, the character chat made me fall in love with it all over again and I decided that I need to make it a priority.


Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian

Book 1: Crec

Story Status: Writing First Draft

Description: In a futuristic society, Earth is no longer the only inhabitable planet. There's also another: Crec. Every twenty years, a new group of people are randomly selected to live on this new planet for the rest of their lives. 
When Masara Gold, a cautious fifteen year old is chosen to go, she dreads leaving her family and friends behind.  How could she abandon everything she's ever known? 
Leaving her family turns out to be the least of her worries. Knowing nothing about the pre-established colony but only hearing good things, she doesn't expect to have to do anything other than adapt to her new life. 
However the events that follow her arrival are far from a simple orientation and are closer to a walk through what will become the dark history of the planet. 

"What you see should not leave this planet. Understood?" 

A photo I found that looks sort of like the city of Crec
A picture I found that looks like the city of Crec
Crec is currently my largest project and the one I'm putting most of my time and energy into. The idea first came to me about three years ago. My neighbourhood friends and I used to play a game in a street full of skeleton houses called Crec. It was a game of imagination where the world looked different for every person. For me, it looked like how I describe the planet in the story. A few elements and terms crossed over into my story but mostly, the game was a catalyst. A great catalyst!
After rewriting the beginning three times, planning for months, writing thousands of words and rewriting all those words over again, planning and writing even more, I finally have gotten the story how I'd like it to be. Obviously it's got a ways to go–writing a book isn't an easy task–but when I finish, all this hard work is gonna be totally worth it. 

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