About Me

This is me: a working university student who's actively pursuing her dream in publishing a novel.
So far I've got a deal in the works with Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine that will be published in December of 2016. That's step one. The other steps? Well, I'll have to keep at it to find out what they are. That's what this whole dream chasing thing is all about, right?

How It Started

I started writing as a four year old. I would draw pictures and have my mom write the stories under them word for word as I spoke them. Initially I wanted to write and illustrate picture books but of course, that was because picture books was all I knew of at that age. 
In my very early years of Elementary school, I remember siting on the end of the third row of the auditorium and watching a local illustrator present to the school about how they came up with stories and art ideas. They discussed the process of creating a picture book and I went home that day telling everyone in my house that I wanted to be an author and illustrator when I grew up. 

Growing Up as a Storyteller

My sister describes me as a storyteller. When we played with Barbies, I would always set up the houses and tell her about each character. Then I would set the stage with a season, a backstory of the family and give each Barbie doll a goal. We'd play for hours—days—even weeks with the same set up before we would take it all down and start from scratch again.
In our cul-de-sac I built an entire game around a superhero book series I was writing. I gave each kid a character and from there we built a little world of adventures that I would write down every night for story inspiration. 

The Birth of a Dream

In eighth grade I made a decision: I would focus on one project and I would get it published. For a thirteen year old, this was a pretty big commitment so you can probably guess that the project I chose to work on wasn't completed like I had planned. That being said, the determination of the girl who pretended to write notes but was actually writing in class hasn't left me. Six years later I'm more focused than I've ever been. 

Here and Now

Last year, in my senior year of high school, I began the long journey to publication. Not to say I'm published yet but I'm working on getting there. As I mentioned above, I'm already on my way there with an article to be published with Focus on the Family. 
I write 10k words a week and more than that when I'm participating in NaNo. I'm in my first year of University with a major in Psychology (it does wonders for character development, everyone) and a minor in Creative Writing. I'm attempting to balance both and on top of that I have a job at a bookstore. All around, it's a great life but it's a busy one. Somehow I still have a social life but I can only say is an act of God. 

I hope that by reading this blog, any aspiring writers who have a jam packed life like mine will be able to take away survival tips, and most of all feel supported by myself and all the others who are in the exact same boat.  

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