Sunday, December 28, 2014

16 Sides | The INFJ Girls

Hi guys! I've taken a long, unplanned break from my blog *cowers* I'm sorry! *offers* Merry belated Christmas?
Grade 12 has been rather stressful so far and I've found that I unfortunately don't have a lot of time for blogging. However in my hectic last week of classes before the winter break and during the first crazy week of Christmas, I managed to pull this together for you :) 
Introducing the first interviews in "16 sides", a Meyer-Briggs personality type study where I speak to at least one guy and one girl from each of the 16 personality types. I'm hoping to discover what makes us as a human race unique and what unites us.
For all of you writers reading this, welcome to a series that I hope will help your characters become deeper and more realistic. If you're just reading this for fun, welcome to my world *cough* universe—I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff. ^ ^  

I've got two girls that are INFJs for my first post which I didn't actually expect since INFJ is the rarest of all the personality types. Now I just gotta track down the INFJ guys...*takes out an oversized butterfly net* You can't hide from me, 1%!

Meet The Lab Rats!

Well they are part of a sort of research experiment so lab rat is a good name...right? 

2012 / 2013 School Year

Meet Krystyn Bailey Swan

"Something that brings me a lot of joy in life is when people come to me with their problems and I can speak into their life. And even though I know I totally don’t know anything—but just being able to be there for them…I really like that. I like to know people’s story." 

Age: 17 (1997)

Occupation: High School Student (volunteers as a worship leader weekly)

Hobbies: Singing and playing the guitar, drawing, reading

Self Portrait, November 2014

Meet Viktoriya Dimitrivna Mykhaylenko

"I just need engaging conversation.”

Age: 17 (1997)

Occupation: High School Student (part time job at a framing store and )

Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Baking, book and tea addict

Song She Connects To: "Primavera" by Ludovico Einaudi. (Her reason: "Primavera means "spring" in Italian, and Spring is one of my favorite seasons because Lilacs and tulips bloom during spring and those are my favorite flowers.")

How It Works

1) The Personality Test

 I test the interviewee in the podcast to confirm their personality type based on an info-graphic I found. Everyone, regardless of if they know for sure what type they are will take this test. The thinking out loud thought process when asked the questions in the test really reflect the personality of the person. Since everyone will be asked these questions, they'll act as the control questions. 

2) The Random Questions

I've studied these personalities on paper to the nth degree in order to generate a list of questions in which the answers will reflect the personality of the interviewee. Anyone within the same personality type will be answered the same questions in order to compare people within a personality type. However these question combinations will very from type to type. 

3) The Situation Questions

Get ready writers! This is where you find out what different personalities will do when they witness a murder or something. I love these questions ^ ^ They've created great discussion between me and my lab rats. These questions will also change between types but remain the same for anyone within the type. 

Links To The Interviews! 

They're both semi-long (about half an hour each) but I totally recommend listening to them both! Happy listening :) 

Krystyn's Interview

In one of the questions, I mention a book that we're both studying in english at the time of the interview. I don't say the title but just so that you know, it's Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I'm still getting used to this interview thing but little things like that will get better as I go :) 

Do I Need More Lab Rats? 

Always! If you're interested in participating in a Skype style interview or something, connect me in the contact box on the side with what personality type you think you are and whether your a guy or girl. There's no guarantees that I'll need your help since I have a plethora of people in my circle of friends to go through first but if I'm really stuck, I'll be turning to you. Thanks for all the support!

Tell me what you think of the interviews! Do you have any INFJ characters? Are you one yourself or do you know one? Let me know! :)