Character Dimension

Welcome to the character dimension! I was originally gonna have this one as part of the writing dimension but there were just too many characters so I decided to make a new one just for them *squeezes all my characters* Because they deserve it!

Cast of "Tholus"

Kimerly (Kim) Hayes
Age: 17, long straight black hair, dark brown eyes, olive skin, short, quick-witted, suspicious, practical, runner, Chinese, 'Arrival'

Matt Layden
Age: 18, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, assertive, curious, strategic, telekinetic, student, Leader of Mind, Tholan

Issac Ghassemi
Age: 17, dark brown hair, chocolate eyes, tanned complexion, slightly above average height, skeptical, intelligent, protective, critical, 'Arrival'

Louis Taylor
Age: 36, styled brown hair, blue eyes, maintained stubble, sweater-vest wearer, fish hater, manipulative, intelligent, seeker of knowledge, sly, scientist, 'Arrival'. 

Cast of "Crec"

Masara M. Gold 
Age: 15, long brown hair and brown eyes, fair skin, short for her age, intuitive, hesitant, Earthling, A.R.K., Generated Crecite, little sister, truth-seeker. 

Age: 18, dark hair that stands up on ends as if he just rolled out of bed, toned muscles, hazel eyes, protective, direct, private, swordsman, Crecite, Skace 

Age: 16, sandy blond hair, light brown eyes, sacrificial, care-taker, sympathetic, resilient, LowGrounder, Crecite, best friend 

(Beautiful People—Couples Edition)
Age: 16, shoulder-length and thin blond hair, dark brown hair, determined, survivor, critical, sibling, best friend, LowGrounder, Crecite, Tyro.

(Beautiful People—Couples Edition)
Age: 18, super-short black hair, dark skin, dark eyes, stoic, secretive, cautious, intense, rebel, best friend, LowGrounder, Crecite, Tyro. 

Age: 22, long and windblown blond hair, jade green eyes, wears flannel, guarded, just, bold, quietly vehement, older sister, LowGrounder, Crecite. 

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