Sunday, March 30, 2014

Questions For Matt

Connor Jessup who looks kind of like Matt
Next Saturday I'm going to be doing a character interview with one of my main characters from The Dome, Matt Layden and I want you guys to be the ones coming up with questions! Here's some information about him to get some ideas going.

Matt Layden is a seventeen year old, telekinetic citizen of the Dome: an underwater city at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Just like the other students in the city, Matt has grown up learning how to use his ability in both a general and defensive way. The city-wide mentality that abilities involving the mind are more important and influential than others, has cultivated his arrogant side. A strong competitor and team leader in the high school's semi-annual competition, Imprisonment, Matt possesses leadership qualities, knows how to work with a team and has a strategic mind.

Being an only child, Matt has struggled with the pressure of being the perfect son. Congratulations come from his father when he does well. Criticism comes when he does not. To cope, he hangs out with his best friend Ryan, and tinkers at his after school job at the mechanic's shop. His free time is filled with his secret obsession of discovering more about Up There and ultimately getting out. For years he's crept behind his parent's backs, collecting information about both the Dome and the world beyond his own, hoping to find a way out and experience it for himself. In the back of his mind are the nagging rules and warnings against escape. Getting caught means losing everything. But after a life ruled by others, it's about time he takes the risks and rules it himself.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and he'll answer as many as he can this coming weekend! 


  1. Hi, Matt! Cassidy here. I have some questions, if you feel like answering them.
    1.) Do you like paintball? It sounds random, I know, but that was the first thing I thought of whenever I saw your celebrity lookalike in the first pic.
    2.) I assume you like cars -- do you have a favorite model? Or a dream car?
    3.) Do you have a favorite color?
    4.) Aside from getting out, do you have any goals or ambitions?

    Thanks for taking the questions!

  2. Hello, Matt. :)

    1.) What do you want to do when you get older? Do you want to still be a mechanic when you're an adult?

    2.) You're an only child. Do you wish you had any siblings?

    Stori Tori's Blog

  3. Hey Matt,
    Have you ever wondered whether a team you lead actually likes you as a leader? Are you aware of your own arrogance?
    What if you find out that Up There is a worse place than where you are living in right now? If your ambitious efforts to discover the unknown are in vain?
    Is there anyone in the Dome that you want to see eliminated?
    How do you determine people you can trust? Can you do it without having to see or know their past actions?
    What's your love language?