Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nostalgia Blast!

A few weeks ago, I had a friend come over to go to a movie with me. While I was throwing my hair in a ponytail, she started going through some papers in my closet, writing papers. At first I panicked but then I saw what it was she was reading and I smiled. She had found a hard copy of a mystery screenplay that I wrote and finished when I was about thirteen or fourteen.
That night, I spent some time looking back at my stories I had both planned to write and started writing.

A snippet from the script
Mystery On Sand Dollar Street
This is the one my friend found in my closet. I had full intentions of using my neighborhood friends as actors, filming it and everything.

Plot: When two best friends, Kennedy and Sara, lose the triplets they're babysitting to an unknown kidnapper, Misty, Aubrey, Jessie and Amber join Detective Elsie in the hunt to find them and return them home. Jessie and Amber follow their own hunches and find clues that lead them to believe that Sara is the kidnapper. While Sara vacations in the Bahamas, Kennedy struggles with the idea that a close friend is a criminal.

When I read it over, I both wanted to hit myself in the face with the pages and applaud myself. I was actually humorous as a kid and there were tons of great lines that made both me and my friend laugh out loud. I made an effort to keep the kidnapper's identity hidden for as long as possible and also make all my characters different.
But the detective did nothing. She basically just showed up and told the girls what to do. She also kept ending the search to go to bed. So there's three little girls missing and you're sleeping...tell me again how you landed this job?

Quest Kids 
As a kid I was obsessed with planning series. The never ending kind. The kind that you can keep adding books too whenever you have a new plot. This is one of those.
I don't remember a lot about this one because I was seven when I came up with it and I never actually started writing it down. However, it was the first story that I would fall asleep thinking about.

General Idea: Two orphaned brother/sister duos discover that they're now the 'chosen ones' and must stop a mafia-like group from carrying out their plans. One girl's name was Jane and another girl's name was Megan...I don't really remember the guys names.

FIRE 303 
I have a special attachment to this one. I think I started it when I was eight and kept it in my head until eighth grade. I kind of miss it.
It started off as a game my sister and two neighbourhood friends played as kids. We threw coloured plastic balls at each other, pretending that the colour represented our power. We came up with names for each other and those names became my main protagonist characters.

Plot: A group of six friends discover an underground laboratory while camping and accidentally get themselves mixed up with a government project to create the ultimate defenders of the city. With watches that give them powers, Emily, Hazel, Melissa and James take on new identities as heroes while Star and Dante become villains.

Emily Seattle (Firegirl): My main character, a rebel/prankster at school and the leader of the FIRE squad. She has flaming red hair that is literally flaming when she's transformed into a super hero and the ability to control, create and be unaffected by fire.

Hazel (Icey): Emily's best friend, born Canadian North. She keeps Emily grounded is a good student and likes to think before acting. She can control ice in almost every way and when she's in superhero mode, the tips of her short blonde hair turn into icicles

Melissa (Raging Storm/Storm): She doesn't offer her opinion much but will support the group in any way she can. She can make hurricanes, tornadoes and any non-snow storm. She also has long brown wavy hair that flies around her face violently even when she's not making storms.

James (Electric Idiot/Electric Shock...where the first one came from I don't know): The goofball and incredibly clueless, he grew up in the city and brings light to their situations.  He has spiked blonde hair that crackles with static when he uses his electrical powers.

So there you have it. Those are just some of the stories I was working on as a kid.

What were the stories that you wrote or planned when you were younger? 


  1. I used to write or think up a lot of ideas as a kid. I had an idea for a raccoon family and one of the older sisters locked her younger brother and sister in the basement. I illustrated some of it. XD Another story I'm technically still working on but it's changed so much it's barely the same thing. It involved a fantasy world with white cow milk and magic swords. XD And lastly I had one I planned out a lot called John and his Adventures. Another fantasy. This one had John mauled by a wolf lol.

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    1. White cow milk and magic swords? XD I would've never thought to put those together for a fantasy! Sometimes I think kids come up with more original ideas than some adults!