Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Recipe to a Very Happy Writer

Writers are interesting creatures. We sit for hours tapping the out stories of characters that we feel emotionally attached to, we stare at a screen or a page for hours when we hit writers block (and yet don't give up), and we gaze into the sky at nothing in particular and imagine what would happen if one of our characters would do X, Y, or Z in the next chapter of our work in progress.

Yep, we're interesting creatures and readers need people like us desperately or where would they be in a bookless world? (the tragedy of a bookless world! *sobs*)

"So how do you make a writer?" you ask. Well I'm glad you did because I've concocted a recipe that's sure to result in the happiest writer out there.

Onwards to the recipe! 

1/2 Cup of Solitude

Writers love their families! We also like some peace and quiet. If we can get the house or even a single room to ourselves without much interruption, somehow the stress of writing or editing a WHOLE novel doesn't feel nearly as heavy. Also, we can play our writing music without headphones which many writers appreciate.

2 Tablespoons of Writing Music

Speaking of writing music, this is another one of those lovely things that writerly people adore. Whether it's got lyrics or is the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, beautiful music inspires our stories.

To make the writer extra happy, include a new soundtrack, or one that relates to their book genre specifically.

1 Cup of Tea or Coffee 

Let's be honest. This is pretty much how writers survive. Many of us are caffeine addicts. It's important to include this ingredient otherwise a happy writer may be a sleepy writer. 

3/4 Cup of The Internet

I couldn't really get away with writing this recipe without including the internet as one of the ingredients. I mean, writers probably spend at least a third of their 'writing time' on social media, or browsing book blogs. We need this time to 'muck around' on the interwebs though. It's partially where we get our inspiration and usually where we go to take a break from the craziness. 

1 Teaspoon of Pinterest 

Many of us writers don't consider Pinterest a form of social media—we consider it inspiration! Too much Pinterest though results in a very unproductive writer so be sure not to add too much of this ingredient.

2 Whole New Books 
(for extra happiness, feel free to increase the amount)

Maybe we spend a lot of time writing books but there will never really be anything quite like getting lost in a book that's not your own. Writers, by nature, are also readers so when addressing this part of the recipe, be sure to think of them as a book fanatic.

A Heaping Spoonful of Sugar 

(or salt...both make wonderful writers)

Snacks are a must. Some of us like cake, some like chips, and others like a platter of veggies. Regardless, this ingredient is crucial. It gives us writers life and keeps us very happy for a long time (until we need a refill).

Mix all of these ingredients together and you're certain to come out with a very happy writer!

Let's Chat!

Did I miss any ingredients? Should some of the measurements be different? Recipes are made to be refined, wordlings, so lets turn this recipe into the ULTIMATE recipe. 
Let me know if you have suggestions in the comments below, or you can tweet me your ideas @cassia_schaar, or send me a picture of the missing ingredient on instagram @cassiaschaar using the hashtag: #ultimatewriterrecipe

Keep on keeping on, Wordlings! 


  1. I think this recipe is perfect! Except for one thing...- and I know people are going to think I'm crazy, but I'm a writer, so I already am. But in my personal touch to the recipe, I would have no tea or coffee. I don't like it.

    1. No tea or coffee? Whaaat XD Haha, I'm just kidding ^ ^
      What do you usually drink when you write instead? Do you like things with caffeine?

    2. Water. We don't ever have anything else at my house... I would have some lemonade if we ever had any though

  2. I love this! If I were to add anything to the recipe, I think a tablespoon of encouragement and moral support can go a long way. Writing is hard, and when there's someone there to motivate us, it can be a lot easier!

    1. Oh yes! That's a good one! Why didn't I think of that? Moral support is one of those things that saves my butt when I want to take a day off ^ ^
      Great suggestion!

  3. This is a cute idea! I definitely need a teaspoon of salt to be a happy writer!