Monday, August 03, 2015

Staycation Writing Retreat Week 2

Hey guys! My timed post thing didn't work so once again, this is a delayed post. I really need to figure this thing out....
Anyways, this week marked a lot of exciting events but I still got my writing time it. One of those things is a job interview with a bookstore. A writer's dream, right? Fingers crossed that I get the job :)
Also, good news! I will be published next year in "Focus on the Family Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse" magazine for my article in the Truth Pursuer section. Woot, woot! I can't wait to see my work in print in a big time magazine like this one.  I'm super pumped ^.^
One more piece of good news is that I got into university. I'll be studying psychology for four years in an undergraduate degree. You can bet I'll be posting what I learn here! 

Weekly Resource

Every heard of the Emotion Thesaurus? It's exactly as it sounds. It's a database of tons of human emotions and includes the physical, mental, internal, acute/prolonged, and suppressed responses to each emotion. It also includes a list of which emotion the once listed can lead to. 
While writing, I looked up a lot of different emotions to help me with description and internal monologue. It's so much more useful that I ever expected—a brilliantly written book to say the least. If you've seen this book around and have wondered if you should get it, let me be the one to tell you: get the book!

Find it on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles

 Weekly Writing Music

The scenes I wrote this week were a mixure of mysterious and intense atmospheres so I chose to listen to the Insurgent soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese. My favourite track this week is "Dauntless Arrive". It sparked a lot of very intense moments. 

Weekly Progress

Not as productive as I would like but I'm moving forward and that's all that matters :) 

Current Word Count: 5,154

Onwards to the next week!
Any update on your summer goals? 

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