Thursday, January 01, 2015

Looking Back on 2014: The Box of Good Things

Happy New Year!
2014's Box of Good Things
In November of 2013 I started a box of good things. Well it was supposed to be a jar but I didn't have any jars so I used a small box. 
Around the beginning of the year I was given a bit of flack for being a negative person and having a pessimistic view on life. When I found this idea on Pinterest I was eager to prove those people wrong.
At the end of each day, whether I had an overall good day or not, I wrote one good thing that made me happy that day. On new years eve or new years day, I get to go through all of them and remember all the good things that happened to me.

Some Highlights From This Year's Box

"Had a pillow fight with Amanda and Zack on the stage while setting up for Encounter"

"Singing Fix You in three part harmony with Zack and Amanda during Encounter set-up" 

"Waking up at 5:45AM then walking with Amanda to school in the dark" It was also really cold and snowy but that didn't ruin it for me. 

"Cassidy made my night by offering to help me with my essay—> due at midnight #international_input" And I ended up getting a good mark on it too!

"Played 'Ninja' after school with Zack, Justin M, Tanner, Titus, Jared and Jazlyn then went to Tim's" Tim's is short for Tim Hortons if you didn't know ^.^ 

"Laid on my bedroom floor harmonizing to Imagine Dragons for at least one and half hours"

"Video chatted with Tori and Cassidy for 2 hours"

"I felt pretty today :)" Never underestimate that one day where you just feel pretty for no reason.

"Amanda generally made me feel appreciated." 

"Saw the Lego movie with Karen"

"Lifeguarding was awesome!" 

"Had a great conversation with Nana at Tim Hortons after school :)"

"Wrote a good poem" 

"Found my new favourite song! Carry on by Scott and Brendo" And I ended up using it for a video project I did that summer. 

"Cleaned the large and small practice rooms. People were really happy, I was called an 'angel'" Those rooms never get cleaned. 

"Zack helped me with Bio at lunch today."

"Mom read the first 2 pages of Crec and loved it! ^.^" 

"Finish Reconte Moi Une Histoire filming"

"Was given the solo for "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" for yardbird on thursday." Yardbird is the jazz suit that our school choir performs at annually. 

"Amanda came over to work on a project and we got ice-cream from the ice-cream truck."

"Yardbird performance with my solo and ice-cream after with friends" 

"Went to Marissa's to watch meteors, drink coke and eat ice-cream" Apparently I have a thing with ice cream making my day good!

"Relaxing, no homework day." 

"Listened to mystery Adventures in Odyssey episodes while cleaning." 

"Went on a cross-city long boarding trip." 

"Filmed Encounter Videos with my filming family :D"

"Past my karate belt test for High Orange!!" 

"Played the piano for 3 hours and learned how to play Fly." 

2015's new and improved box of good things
This being my first year completing a box of good things, I was shocked as to how often I was saying to myself, "Oh I remember that!" Usually I remember the really bad things in the year since they leave a larger impact on me compared to little pleasant moments. But looking through my slips of yellow paper, it seems that all I needed was a little bit of a memory prompter to fill my head with thoughts of the good that came to me in 2014.
Whether that changes how I view the year as a whole or not, I'm not sure. However, I can't deny that I'm a little more optimistic heading into the new year. I can at least be certain that 365 good things will happen to me in 2015.

Do you have any highlights from 2014?


  1. It's always good to remember the outrageous number of blessings we get every year. Also, I love your new and improved box, and I can't wait to hear about the awesomeness that goes in it next year. :)

    1. I love my new box too ^ ^ Somehow having a nice box makes me that much more excited to fill it this year :)

  2. I did a Jar of Good Things for 2013! Maybe I should do it again this year......QUICK WHERE'S A JAR?!?!? and awww what a pretty box! I love all your little happy things! They make me squeeee inside! ^.^ X)

    also, Tim Horton's FTW! High five, fellow Canadian. :D

    1. *tosses you a jar* Here you go!

      Yes! Canadians and timbits for the win!! *epic jump high five*

  3. This is really cool! I've heard about this and I need to do it. I have the same tendency for negativity. I'll start writing down stuff now and I'll make my super fancy box soon! That's so cool that me and Cassidy are on the list of good things. ^ ^=

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Thanks ^ ^ You should totally do it, it's super worth reading everything at the end! It's not too late to start either, the first month isn't over yet :D
      Of course the two of you are on the list and those are only the few things that I chose to publish here. There's certainly more ;)